Our Eyecare Services

We provide top of the line eye care services in Kansas. Not only do our customers love the personal and attentive experience they get from our optometrists but they enjoy the top of the line, cutting-edge eye care procedures. We set the bar for quality eyecare services in Kansas and we can't wait for you to see for yourself. Browse through a list of some of our most popular services, though we provide all the standard services you expect from an optometrist.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

At The Spectacle - Dr. Kevin Lenahan, we recommend getting annual, comprehensive eye examinations so that your eye care doctor may wholly assess and maintain your vision needs. A comprehensive eye exam can last around an hour, and consists of several different tests that collectively measure your overall health. Some of the tests your doctor might perform measure your eyes through a complete scope, like how sharp you see things, eye pressure, visual deficiencies with processing color, eye strain and even how optimally light travels through the eye.

Routine eye exams are important not only to update your prescription and general checkup, but also because preventive eye care helps detect several asymptomatic eye conditions. Ask your doctor at The Spectacle - Dr. Kevin Lenahan about any health risks, preventive measures or general checkup guidelines to ensure a healthy eye exam every year.

Contact Lens Evaluations & Fittings

It is important to remember that contact lenses are not just a cosmetic item, but a prescription eyewear device. We base your contacts on your needs, age, lifestyle, eye health, prescription and comfort. The Spectacle - Dr. Kevin Lenahan offers complete contact lens evaluations and fittings, where you'll discuss brand and lens choices to determine the right fit. Your doctor will evaluate your corneas, pupils, eyelids, tear film, size, positioning and movement. We will then teach you how to clean, wear, remove and replace your contact lenses, as well as how to properly care for them.

Pediatric Eye Care

Often times children, especially toddlers do not realize their vision is impaired.  Children who do not see well may have issues with delayed learning, the ability to focus, hand eye coordination and with peripheral awareness.  It is important to schedule regular eye exams for toddlers and school age children.

Pre-surgical Consultation For Lasik / PRK

The Spectacle - Dr. Kevin Lenahan offers thorough and specific pre-surgical consultations. LASIK/PRK surgery uses laser energy to reshape the cornea for better eyesight. During your pre-surgical consultation, your eye doctor will perform a series of tests to determine whether or not you are a candidate. This is not the same as a comprehensive eye examination, as during this appointment –your doctor may create a map of your eyes to direct the operation and evaluate your pupils, corneas, prescription and tear ducts. A pre-surgical consultation is required to ensure ideal candidacy for all patients, and should be performed by a trusted eye doctor

Glaucoma Diagnosis & Management

Most people with early stages of glaucoma don't have pain or symptoms. Our Optical Coherence Tomography Scans and visual fields tests in combination with regular visits with your eye care professional, are key to preventing damage before it becomes noticeable.

Diabetic Eye Examinations

One of the most common diabetic eye diseases and a leading cause of new blindness among adults is diabetic retinopathy. The early stages may develop without symptoms and, at advanced stages there is a high risk of vision loss. It is possible to develop both proliferative diabetic retinopathy and macular edema and still see fine despite the increased chance of vision loss. Diabetic eye diseases can be detected early on by optometrists before their symptoms appear. Regular visits in combination with digital scans are the best way to combat vision loss.